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You are the Meritorious Citizens awarded the prestigious recognition on the day of the Patroness of Tropea, the Madonna of Romania, to whom all the Tropeans, near and far, are very close.
In the solemn Holy Mass that preceded the event, which has become one of the most awaited appointments of the Tropea Project, linked to the Administration led by Giovanni Macrì, the Mayor himself, in the Supplication to the Virgin, among the many prayers addressed, wanted to entrust them too , “...the best among us...” to the Marian protection to thank them for their profuse commitment to the City which makes them reference points and common growth leaven.
At Palazzo Santa Chiara we breathed the air of great occasions and the notable turnout of the public took the pulse of the ceremony which, over the years, has acquired the depth of tradition.
The event, borrowed from the similar initiative that also takes place in Milan on the day of the Patron Saint, aims to induce all citizens to love Tropea, a love full of pragmatism which translates into a personal dedication to others capable of overcoming mediocrity achieving excellence, whatever the personal field of interest. In fact, in the spirit of the award, there are no rankings of value between the various sectors of commitment, all have equal dignity and in each one one must strive to give and obtain the maximum because, as Evtusenko teaches, "Mediocrity is unnatural as it is the lie is unnatural.”
Without a shadow of a doubt, emotion reigned supreme, palpable in everyone, even in the audience that packed the room: the emotion of sharing a significant moment in city life that strengthens the ties was evident on the faces of the participants relationships and the sense of community, actually Tropea is beautiful also and above all for the warmth that distinguishes it and for the affection, solidarity and empathy that binds the Tropeans.
To be awarded the Lawyer and Honorary Judge of the Juvenile Court of Catanzaro Luigia Barone "... for her constant commitment against violence against women and their minor children ", the President of the Pro Loco, Doctor Mariantonietta Pugliese "... for his tireless action at the Service of the Community”, the Physicist Alberto Tassone “...young mathematical talent projected towards excellence”, the Orchestra Conductor and Professor Vincenzo Laganà “...who with his musical art has exalted the Beauty of Tropea", Professor Giuseppe Carone "... passionate paleontologist who, with tenacity, has reconstructed ancient pages of our places" and the Chief Editor of Tg3 Pasqualino Pandullo "... journalist and intellectual in love with Tropea and Calabria who gave voice to the voiceless”. In particular, Giuseppe Carone received the Gold Medal and Pasqualino Pandullo the highest merit, represented by the Great Gold Medal, all the prizes awarded are artistic creations of the Master Goldsmith Michele entrusted, very close to Tropea and its Honorary Citizen.
All the recipients of the award took the floor with great emotion and their speeches were extremely engaging and not at all circumstantial. Each of them opened their hearts to those present sharing intimate experiences and significant moments of their lives. The great love for Tropea, the joy for the merit obtained and the desire to continue to commit oneself to the growth of the community appeared evident in all. Each winner wanted to highlight the ferment that has characterized Tropea for some years: a new and energizing atmosphere that highlights the value of culture, which invites you to come forward, which spurs you to make your own contribution and to advance beyond the usual.
Greetings and tribute of gratitude to the new Meritorious from all over Tropea because, if it is true that the good lavished on behalf of the community is already gratifying in itself, it is also true that human beings need recognition and that pointing to emulation deserving makes us grow.